Galapagos Flora

Galapagos Flora Plants are the basis of all life within the Galapagos Islands. With about 560 native species of “higher” plants – plants which arrived in

Galapagos History

Galapagos History Prehistory Ancient archeological remains have been found which indicate that the first visitors coming from the Ecuadorian coast arrived on “Balsas” or floating

Galapagos National Park Rules

Galapagos National Park Rules Welcome, and thank you for considering visiting the Galapagos. Please bear the following information in mind during your stay: To visit

Galapagos Travel Planner – When to Visit

Galapagos Travel Planner Located on the equator, the Galapagos Islands are subject to oceanic currents that influence temperatures on the archipelago. However, the weather is

Maps of Ecuador and Galapagos Islands

Maps of Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Performed by the he Ministry of Tourism in Ecuador, the following maps shows the provinces along with their most

Galapagos Travel Pack List

Galapagos Travel Pack List The most important: if you are on any treatment that requires regular intake of any medicines or allergic, please make sure you

Galapagos Weather & Climate

Galapagos Weather & Climate   Ave. Temp.Max / Min ºC Ave. Temp.ºC / F Ave. Hours ofClear Skies Ave. SeaTemp. ºC Ave. Rainfallmm/inch January 30/22

Galapagos Travel Facts

Galapagos Travel Facts NB: Please read all cruise itineraries as a guide only. All routes and programs can change without notice due to National Park

Galapagos Flights

Galapagos Flights There are at least 3 flights to the Galapagos Islands everyday. All flights to the Galapagos leave from mainland Ecuador from the capital